Basic Medical Language
A 3rd-Party Review of Basic Medical Language

Read a 3rd-party review of the textbook and see why it is first on the list.

Tips for Teaching Medical Terminology
Tips for Teaching Medical Terminology

You have just said "yes" to teaching your first medical terminology course. Now what?

Exploring Medical Language 11th Edition

Learn about Key Feature #1 - the unique learning system used in Exploring Medical Language

New! Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition

During its 36 years in print, nearly 2,000,000 students have turned the pages Exploring Medical Language to prepare for entry into health professions.

Medical Terminology Teaching Career
Exploring Medical Language

Exploring Medical Language - 32 years and counting! Read about the enduring features that allowed this textbook to stand the test of time.

Medical Terminology
5 Ways to Use Blog Posts with Your Medical Terminology Class

Let the blog help you keep up with new medical terms, add humor and interactive dynamics to your lecture, or impress upon students the importance of mastery of medical language in healthcare.

Medical Terminology Games
A New Instructor Discovers Games for Teaching Medical Terminology

Learn how a new medical terminology instructor added games to her classroom and of the benefits it added to both teaching and learning. Plus see her list of recommendations!

Medical Terminology Syllabus
Medical Terminology Syllabus

Use this syllabus as is, or modify it in any way to adapt it to your course and/or your teaching style.

Medical Terminology Teaching Career
A Career Teaching Medical Terminology

Myrna LaFleur Brooks has had a 49-year relationship with medical terminology. After having two popular medical terminology textbooks published and creating a medical terminology blog, she takes a look back.

Cholelithiasis or Choledocholithiasis, What is the Difference?

Help students remember the terms cholelithiasis (gallstones) and choledocholithiasis by sorting out the difference through the meaning of their word parts.

Teaching Medical Terminology? Avoid Death by PowerPoint!

Use these five tips to evaluate if your slide presentation helps or hinders student learning.

Medical Terminology Flashcards – Paper Rules

Learn how you can help students effectively use the 'old fashioned' paper flashcard method to learn word parts, plus save time doing it.

How to Easily Navigate Our Medical Terminology Blog

Use this guide to easily navigate the blog to find topics of interest to you.

Teaching Medical Terminology
Teach Anatomic Planes with Playdough

Use this short, clever video for using playdough to teach anatomic planes in the classroom.

Exploring the “Who” in Combining Forms Related to Childbirth

Does the combining form in medical terms relating to childbirth describe the mother or the newborn? Read the article to find out an easy way to remember.

Teaching Medical Terminology
Engage Students with Chapter Pretests

Are your students' minds elsewhere when you begin class? Cell phones? Instagram? Student loans? Try using chapter pretests to bring your students into the present.

Interviewing as a Medical Terminology Class Assignment

Learn how to add 'interviewing a healthcare professional to discuss how medical language is used on the job' into your class activities.

Fall Semester Boosters

Exploring Medical Language 11th Edition

Long-term learning is enhanced by using this unique learning system.

A New Instructor Discovers Games for Teaching Medical Terminology

Use games to connect concepts with medical terms.

Interviewing as a Medical Terminology Class Assignment

Students practice using medical terms in a real-world healthcare setting.