How to Easily Navigate Our Medical Terminology Blog


Find Topics of Interest Fast

When you visit a blog, you want to easily find topics of interest.  You can easily locate topics of interest in our Medical Terminology Blog in  two ways:

  1. Search by body system
  2. Search by specific category

 Search Posts by Body System

To search for posts containing information related to body systems, go to the right-hand column of the blog and scroll down until you see the list of chapters under Exploring Medical Language (see below) and Basic Medical Language.

Click on Chapter 5, for example, and you will see the following eight blog posts related to the content of Chapter 5, Respiratory System.


Although the Body System Chapters align with the textbooks Exploring Medical Language and Basic Medical Language,  the post will be useful no matter your assigned textbook.

 Search Posts by Category

To search by the categories, use the navigation bar or the home screen.

Navigation Bar

To search for categories on the navigation bar, click  on the category you wish to access and all the posts in that category will show. Next click on the blog post you wish to access.

Home Screen

To search for categories on the hone screen, click on the title or image to access all of the blog posts in any one of the categories.

How Categories are displayed on MedTerm Topics Home Page.

Wrap Up

The posts on the Medical Terminology Blog are for both teachers and students to use in any way that might be helpful in teaching and learning. For  faculty, print them, link to them, use them live in your classroom, or assign them as work toward extra credit. For students, play the games as often as needed to master the content, watch the vodeos,

We hope this information is helpful and that you can easily navigate our Medical Terminology Blog. One last note -you can always use the magnifying icon at the top of the right side of the blog to search for a topic.

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