Covid-19 and Coronavirus
Coronavirus, COVID-19, & SARS-CoV-2

A newly discovered coronavirus and the disease it causes was officially named in February 2020. COVID-19 is the disease. SARS-CoV-2 is the causative virus.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Has a New Name – Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease

Our understanding of a disease is formed by the language used to identify it. That is why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is being replaced with a new name.

Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome

Using unresponsive wakefulness syndrome as an alternative to a persistent vegetative state removes the negative connotation.

A New Term for Obesity!

Obesity, overweight, excessive fat - is there a stigma attached to these terms? Yes, there is! A physician group is working toward transitioning to a new term, one that broadens the definition and removes the attached stigma.

Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics – An Update

Read about the new preferred term for "Personalized Medicine" and the reason for the recommended change.

The New Language of Addiction

Do you use these terms when talking about addiction: substance abuse, addict, alcoholic, drug addiction? Read the post and learn the changing language of addiction.

New Medical Terms
Pressure Ulcer Now Pressure Injury

Pressure injury is replacing pressure ulcer and other common terms describing an injury to the skin caused by prolonged pressure in bedridden patients.

Zika Virus Disease

Check out the terms you need to know to help understand Zika virus disease.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

CTE is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain of individuals who have suffered repetitive brain trauma.   It is found in some football players and other athletes who have sustained frequent and repetitive head trauma.

Intellectual Disability to Replace Mental Retardation

In 2010, President Obama signed legislation requiring the Federal Government to replace the term mental retardation with intellectual disability. Learn why!

COVID-19 Review

COVID-19 and the Flu

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Terminology for COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 test information is swirling about us. It's on TV, in newspapers, on social media, and in c...

Medical Terminology Crossword: Coronavirus, COVID-19

Our medical language is evolving as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. For that reason, we are issuing...