New! Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition

Welcome to Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition

I am excited to share the newest edition of Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition with you. This edition was crafted by my long-standing co-author and daughter, Danielle LaFLeur Brooks, MED, MA, and new author, Dale Levinsky, MD. They have done a stunning job! It is crisp, up to date, with enhanced learning opportunities.

New to this edition are:

Exploring Medical Language

  • an organization that allows instructors to teach body systems in any order
  • terms crossed referenced with  ICD 10 diagnosis procedure codes to make sure term studied are relevant
  • refined learning system to more fully realize learning styles and support long-term memory
  • reorganized Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and Immune  Systems, and Blood content in Chapter 10 for easier delivery of instruction


The unique learning system the division of medical terms into two categories: those built from word parts and those not, each with their own dynamic and individualized set of learning activities, remains the cornerstone feature of the textbook.

The learning system was designed for the first edition of Exploring Medical Language published in 1985 by the C.V Mosby Company. It is an effective and efficient method to learn medical language and has contributed greatly to the success of the textbook.

It has been 36 years since Winnifred K. Starr (1921-1993) and I looked forward to seeing our work in print. Neither of us could imagine at the time there would be an Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition published in 2021.

Many changes have occurred through the years, such as:


My Life with Medical Terminology
Exploring Medical Language, First Ed.,1985
  • new authors, Danielle LaFleur Brooks and Dale Levinsky
  • new publisher, Elsevier 
  • a sophisticated online interactive learning system that has replaced the three software disks that accompanied the 1st edition 
  • electronic flashcards as well as the original paper flashcards
  • a choice between a paper or electronic version of the textbook  
  • the ability to load flashcards and quizzes on mobile devices
  • continued development of quality learning opportunities accessing the multiple intelligences and learning styles of students





I wish to recognize the nearly 2,000,000 students who have turned the pages of our textbook to learn medical language, and the thousands of instructors who have used our textbook to teach their students.

I appreciate Elsevier for continuing to publish our textbooks. And finally, I want to acknowledge Danielle and Dale for their effort to create this remarkable edition.

I am so grateful to you all. THANK YOU!

For more information or to preorder Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition, click HERE.

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