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Urinary System Quiz from the Self-Study Medical Terminology Course

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Ideal for beginners and healthcare employees seeking continuing education.

To learn medical terms, you are guided through the fun activities in the Elsevier textbook Basic Medical Language, 7th Edition, including interactive online games, animations, pronunciation, spelling, and quizzes.

Try it out with Lesson 7, the Urinary System.

Take the Urinary System Lesson Quiz
Check out Lesson 5, Urinary System

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Medical Terminology Games

Games are a powerful and fun activity for learning.

Medical Terminology New Terms

Medical language began with the ancient Greeks over 2000 years ago, since then as medical practice evolved so did the language of medicine.

Use this category to keep current.

Medical Terminology Faculty Tips

Teaching a new language can have its challenges.

Use this category for practical hints and techniques for teaching and learning medical terminology.

Featured Terms

Medical terms are from Greek and Latin origin, modern language, acronyms or eponyms.

Use this category to learn about medical terms in depth.


Short videos allow for efficient processing of information and memory recall.

Use this category of selected videos to watch individually or in the classroom.

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Medical Terminology Games
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