A 3rd-Party Review of Basic Medical Language

A Review of The Textbook Basic Medical Language


The organization, Applied Educational Systems, reviewed several medical terminology textbooks and rated our text “Basic Medical Language” the best of the bunch.

Here is what they wrote about Basic Medical Language, 6th Edition.

My Career in Medical Terminology
Basic Medical Language
6th Edition, Elsevier

Basic Medical Language is designed to introduce students to basic medical vocabulary.

The book focuses on suffixes, prefixes, and their combinations to help students learn hundreds of medical terms they will need to know for a career in healthcare.

Plus, these lessons help students identify and understand new terms they may encounter on the job.

Basic Medical Language is organized into twelve chapters:

1. Introduction to Medical Language, Body Structure, and Oncology
2. Directional Terms, Planes, Regions, Positions, and Quadrants
3. Integumentary System, Colors, and Plural Endings
4. Respiratory System
5. Urinary System
6. Reproductive Systems
7. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
8. Digestive System
9. Eye and Ear
10. Musculoskeletal System
11. Nervous System
12. Endocrine System

Each chapter includes key objectives, related images, learning exercises, and case studies to help students learn new terms and understand the context of when each one should be used.

In addition, this textbook comes with more than 200 flashcards to help students memorize medical terms.

Summary Statement:

Overall, any teacher looking for an introductory medical terminology book will find this text useful.

However, if you need a textbook that will work for a full-year medical terminology course, Basic Medical Language may not go into enough depth for your needs.

Note from the author:

If you need a textbook for a full-year medical terminology course, then please take a look at our textbook Exploring Medical Language.

An updated version – the 11th edition – has recently been published and Exploring Medical Language has been used in classrooms since 1985.


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