Dale Levinsky

AuthorsI am a board-certified family medicine physician. I have practiced in a variety of settings over the past 25 years, including a large multi-specialty group, a small rural independent clinic, and a clinical research facility. I am a Clinical Associate Professor in the department of Family, Community, and Preventative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.

Currently, I teach history taking and physical exam skills to first year medical students. I also supervise medical students in three clinics dedicated to the care of underserved patients.




I began my association with medical terminology as a consultant for Exploring Medical Language during the 9th edition in 2012, for which I composed electronic health records and case studies for multiple chapters. My participation has increased with each successive edition, and I am now a co-author for both Exploring Medical Language and Basic Medical Language. Some of my primary goals are to ensure that the textbooks and online materials are medically accurate, and that terms and definitions are straightforward and relevant for people working in all aspects of medicine.

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