The medical terminology blog is all about learning, teaching, and using the language of medicine.

If you’ve ever struggled with spelling hemorrhage or wished you knew the meaning of myocardial infarction or wanted to talk with others about teaching your medical terminology class, then this blog is for you!
In the planning and development stages for two years, the medical terminology blog, originally titled MedTerm Topics, went live in Sept. 2015. The blog is dedicated to advancing the understanding of medical language; unveiling the word origins and their meanings. Toward that aim, the blog is divided into the following engaging and illuminating categories.

Blog Categories

New Terms features the latest and emerging medical terms  Featured Terms an in-depth look at the origin and use of terms  Faculty Tips – provides practical hints and techniques for teaching and learning medical terminology Medical Terminology Cartoon Word Jumble our signature game – a cartoon word jumble Quizzes fun way to check your knowledge of medical terms in minutes Crosswords  review your knowledge of medical terms in a fun way Videos  a collection of videos to view for a quick recap of a medical term

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You may be interested in the medical terminology blog if you are:
  • a student entering the healthcare or medical field striving to acquire the language.
  • employed in healthcare and hoping to learn more.
  • a patient, more involved than ever with your health records, struggling to understand its content. 
  • faculty searching for information on how to create an online course or to decide course content.
  • a person who loves words, medical and otherwise.

Why I write the blog?

In 1970 I accepted a faculty position in the Health Science Division at GateWay Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. My assignment included teaching a medical terminology course. In nursing school curricula, including my own, medical terms were tucked in with other coursework. An entire course devoted to demystifying medical language was a new and interesting idea. 
The assigned textbook was The Elements of Scientific and Specialized Terminology by Brunner and Berkowitz. It introduced me to teaching medical terminology using the word part method and I became fascinated with the language of medicine, its history, evolution, and current use. I have dedicated much of my life to the teaching and writing about the language since.
I am co-author of two medical terminology textbooks with my daughter, Danielle LaFleur Brooks: Exploring Medical Language 9th Edition and Basic Medical Language, 5th Edition. Over the years we have connected with thousands of students and faculty.

Now through social media Danielle and I want to continue our connection with students and faculty and to all others, who are interested in discussing, learning, and sharing the language of medicine. 

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us by using the:

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Myrna LaFleur Brooks, 
Quechee, VT

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