Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition, LaFleur, Elsevier

Myrna LaFleur Brooks, RN, BEd, Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MEd, MATLA, Dale Levinsky, MD


Exploring Medical Language is a leading textbook in medical terminology, used in colleges, universities, high schools, and individually since 1985, published by Elsevier/Mosby. Ideal for 2 or 3 credit courses.




Master medical terms on your terms! A combination text/workbook, Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition provides exercises that make it easy to build an understanding of medical terminology.

Organized by body system, medical terms are divided into two categories:

1) Words built from word parts,

2) Words NOT built from word parts.

Fun and engaging exercises help you first learn word parts and then learn how to combine the parts into full medical terms that make sense.

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Extra for Students

Online program with:


electronic health records

pronunciation and spelling practice


practice quizzes and more.

Extra for Faculty:

Online Instructors Manual with:

lesson plans



gradable quizzes

test bank

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