Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids: Bones of the Human Body

A kids crossword for bones of the human body.

Ophthalmology Crossword and Dry Eye Syndrome

Learn the medical term for dry eye syndrome, an emerging phenomenon because of the pandemic. Additionally, complete the crossword and check your knowledge of other medical terms related to the eye.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Medical Prefixes

Solve the Medical Prefixes Crossword, and be reminded of what prefixes are and how they are used.

Medical Terminology Crossword - Respiratory System
Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids: Respiratory System

Solve our first medical terminology crossword puzzle for kids. It can be printed too! We hope you have fun with it.

Female Reproductive System Crossword
Medical Terminology Crossword: Female Reproductive System

Challenge your knowledge of the female reproductive system terms that contain rrh in the suffix.

COVID-19 Crossword
Medical Terminology Crossword: Coronavirus, COVID-19

Use the crossword to challenge your knowledge on terms related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the spread of the disease.

Medical Acronym Crossword
Medical Terminology Crossword: Medical Acronyms

Medical Acronyms are a form of abbreviations. Abbreviations abound in healthcare, thousands are used each day.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men and in women in the US.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Endoscopy

Many endoscopic terms are in use today, but interestingly, the term dates back to the time of Hippocrates (460-375 BC).

Medical Terminology Crossword: Nervous System

Have a few minutes? Solve this crossword and check your knowledge of common terms for the nervous system.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Respiratory System

Solve the Crossword and check knowledge of 20 common medical terms related to the respiratory system.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Word Roots

Short on time? Check your knowledge of a few common medical word roots by solving this fun mini crossword.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Directional Terms

If you are employed in healthcare or read your own medical records, you have encountered many directional terms.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Medical Eponyms

Medical eponyms are diseases named after a person or place such as Ebola virus, named after a river in Zaire where an outbreak occurred in 1976.

Medical Terminology Crossword: Ophthalmology

Spelling some eye terms might confuse even your spell checker! Is it opthalmic or ophthalmic? Sty or stye? Ocular or occular?

Fall Semester Boosters

Exploring Medical Language 11th Edition

Long-term learning is enhanced by using this unique learning system.

A New Instructor Discovers Games for Teaching Medical Terminology

Use games to connect concepts with medical terms.

Interviewing as a Medical Terminology Class Assignment

Students practice using medical terms in a real-world healthcare setting.