Medical Terminology Crossword: Female Reproductive System

Featuring Terms with rrh in the Suffix

Medical Terminology - Female Reproduction Crossword
Female Reproductive System

Medical terms that have rrh in the suffix can be difficult to spell.  For example, the correct spelling of hemorrhage or diarrhea can be a challenge for most of us.

Why are these terms difficult to spell correctly?

Possibly because they have a double ‘r’ and a silent ‘h’.

Once aware of -rrh suffixes, you can apply this information to any term you encounter that contains them.

All the terms in this crossword contain rrh in the suffixes.



  • rrhea means flow or discharge
  • rrhagia means excessive bleeding
  • rrhaphy means suturing, or repairing

Use the hints to help you solve the puzzle.

If you cannot see the entire puzzle on your screen, try rotating your device.


Definitions of the terms used in the crossword are from: 

Exploring Medical Language 10th Edition, Chapter 8, Female Reproductive System.


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