Ophthalmology Crossword and Dry Eye Syndrome

 Ophthalmology Crossword and Dry Eye Syndrome

Many ophthalmology terms are difficult to spell and one is becoming more prevalent.

Ophthalmology QuizHave you recently felt a burning sensation in your eyes or occasional blurry vision?

Do your eyes feel dry, look red?

If so, you may be experiencing dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome has become more prevalent during the pandemic. It may be caused by a  combination of mask-wearing, Zoom meetings, and other actions that require intense screen time.

The medical term for dry eyes is xerophthalmia. Let’s look at it divided into word parts.

xer/ophthalm/ia ( zeer-of-thal-mee-a)

xer – word part meaning dry

ophthalm – word root meaning eye

ia – suffix meaning condition of

Xerophthalmia literally means a condition of dry eyes. You will see this term in the crossword.

Check your spelling and knowledge of ophthalmology terms by solving the crossword puzzle.

Definitions of the terms used in the crossword are from Exploring Medical Language 10th Edition.

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