Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids: Respiratory System

Hey Kids, let’s’ look at the respiratory system together then solve the Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids.

When we breathe, we use our respiratory system.

As we breathe in, the air carrying oxygen enters our body. As we breathe out, our body gets rid of carbon dioxide. This exchange happens when the air is in the lungs. So, how does the air travel to our lungs?

let’s’ take a look!Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids - Respiratory

Passageway for Breathing

Air enters our body through our nose and mouth. Nasal means pertaining to the nose. The air travels to our lungs through a passageway of different tubes that are connected.

First, the air travels from our nose to our throat. The medical term for the throat is pharynx.

The air then enters our voice box. It is named voice box because it holds our vocal cords which makes the sound when we talk. The medical term for the voice box is the larynx.

From the larynx, the air travels through the windpipe called the trachea.

Finally, the air enters two tubes called bronchus, which take it to our two sponge-like organs called the lungs. While the air is in the lungs the body takes on the oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide.


You probably know someone who has asthma. Asthma is a disease of the lungs that causes wheezing.

Also, I am sure you have had a sore throat. The medical term for sore throat is pharyngitis. The flu, I bet you have heard of it as well, it is the abbreviation for influenza.

Pneumonia is a word that is common too; it means disease of the lung.

And COVID-19, which we are living with it every day. It is a disease caused by the coronavirus that can harm the lungs and lead to pneumonia. 

COVID-19 stands for:

  • CO – corona
  • VI – virus
  • D – disease
  • 19 – 2019, the year the disease first appeared in China

Have Some Fun!

Fill in the Medical Terminology Crossword for Kids with words for the respiratory system. Use the Word Bank, below the crossword, if you get stuck. You can print the crossword too by clicking on “PDF” in the lower right-hand corner of the crossword.

If you cannot see the entire puzzle on your screen, try rotating your device.


Word Bank

larynx, flu, trachea, COVID, throat, asthma, lungs, pneumonia, nasal, pharyngitis


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