Medical Eponyms Crossword Puzzle

Eponyms are a long-standing tradition in medicine. Eponyms often involve honoring a prominent physician-scientist who played a major role in the identification of the disease.

Solve the crossword to review the more common medical eponyms in use today.
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Medical Terminology: Medical Suffixes Quiz

Knowing the meaning of medical suffixes can help you figure out the meaning of a tricky term, whether you are reading a medical report, talking to your doctor, or taking a test.

This quiz can help you evaluate your knowledge of medical suffixes and/or as a practice to learn them.

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Medical Terminology Flashcards – Paper Rules

How often have you seen students overwhelmed by the number of word parts they need to memorize in a short period of time?

Read this article on how you can help them effectively use the ‘old fashioned’ paper flashcard method to learn word parts and save time doing it.

Homonyms in Medical Language

Homonyms – terms that sound alike but have a different meaning, for example, ileum and ilium. Misuse may cause harm and at the very least be embarrassing. Take care in their use. Check out the post for guidelines.

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