Keeping up with technology was essential for the long-term success of a textbook.

The 1st edition (1985) had computer-assisted instruction software which was shipped with the book and was on three computer discs. It contained exercises that could be shared with the students. Considering that the first computer mouse first surfaced in 1984, I think it safe to say that computer-assisted instruction software was on the cutting edge in 1985.

We kept up with technology to offer computer-assisted student learning and faculty support with the subsequent editions. As technology, advanced, so did our offerings. The 10th edition offers a complete faculty support package including a test bank, PowerPoint presentations, and lesson plans. The textbook and online program are interactive requiring the student complete exercises in both modes. Games, Electronic Health Records (EHR), gradable quizzes, and adaptable learning platform accompany the textbook.

We continue to enhance our offering and to “explore medical language” with our blog – MedTerm Topics – which provides information necessary for students, faculty, and the public to keep current with medical terms in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

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