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  1. Generic name of Aldactone
  2. spironolactone*
  3. sulindac
  4. furosemide
  5. sertraline

Name: Aldactone – spironolactone

Drug Category: Diuretic

Use: Treatment of hypertension and is commonly referred to as a “water pill.”


  1. Brand name of alprazolam
  2. Tagamet
  3. Xanax*
  4. Nexium
  5. Cipro


Name: Xanax – alprazolam

Drug Category: Anxiolytic

Use: Treatment of anxiety


  1. Generic name of Tyelnol
  2. acetylsalicylate
  3. carbamazeprine
  4. acetaminophen*
  5. benzodiazepine

Name: Tylenol – acetaminophen

Drug Category: Analgesic

Use: Treatment of pain



  1. Generic name of Lipitor
  2. lovastatin
  3. atorvastatin*
  4. gemfibrozil
  5. methimazole


Name: Lipitor – atorvastin

Drug Category: Hypolipidemic Agent

Use: Treatment of high cholesterol


  1. Brand name of omeprazole
  2. Zestril
  3. Tenormin
  4. Keflex
  5. Prilosec*


Name: Prilosec – omeprazole

Drug Category: Proton pump inhibitor (PPI)

Use: Treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and peptic ulcer disease


  1. Generic name of Keflex
  2. glipizide
  3. cephalexin*
  4. cimetidine
  5. tetracycline


Name: Keflex – cephalexin

Drug Category: Antibiotic

Use: Treatment for infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or protozoa


  1. Brand name of atenolol
  2. Norvasc
  3. Lopressor
  4. Lasix
  5. Tenormin*


Name: Tenorminn-atenolol

Drug Category: Beta Blocker

Use: Treatment of hypertension and heart disease


  1. Brand name of paroxetine
  2. Prozac
  3. Paxil*
  4. Glucotrol
  5. Ritalin


Name: Paxil- paroxetine

Drug Category: Antidepressant

Use: Treatment of depression


  1. Generic name of Viagra
  2. estradoil
  3. hydrochlorthiazide
  4. sildenafil*
  5. citalopram


Name: Viagra – sildenafil

Drug Category: Vasodilator

Use: Treatment of erectile dysfunction


  1. Brand name of glyburide
  2. Glucagon
  3. Spiriva
  4. Diabeta*
  5. Clinoril


Name: Glyburide

Drug Category: Hypoglycemic

Use: Treatment of diabetes mellitus

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