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Chapter Pretest

Have the students answer these questions prior to covering this chapter to understand where they stand in relation to the content.

Choose the correct answer.

  1. The medical term for collar bone is
    a. mandible
    b. scapula
    c. sternum
    d. clavicle
  2. The movement in which a limb is placed in a straight position is
    a. eversion
    b. inversion
    c. flexion
    d. extension
  3. The combining form for the lower jawbone is
    a. ischi/o
    b. radi/o
    c. mandibul/o
    d. maxill/o
  4. The prefix inter– means
    a. connection
    b. within
    c. between
    d. outside
  5. Which of the following means “inflammation of the joint”?
    a. arthritis
    b. bursitis
    c. osteitis
    d. tendinitis
  6. Which of the following means “abnormal loss of bone density”?
    a. osteopenia
    b. osteoporosis
    c. Colles fracture
    d. gout
  7. Which of the following means “breaking of a joint”?
    a. arthroclasia
    b. arthrodesis
    c. arthrocentesis
    d. arthroplasty
  8. Which of the following would be performed in the diagnostic imaging department?
    a. arthrography
    b. arthroscopy
    c. arthrocentesis
    d. electromyogram
  9. The term humeral refers to bones in the
    a. head
    b. chest
    c. feet
    d. arms
  10. Which of the following is the abbreviation for hip replacement surgery?
    a. CTS
    b. ortho
    c. HNP
    d. THA

Chapter Pretest Answers

1)    d

2)    d

3)    c

4)    c

5)    a

6)    b

7)    a

8)    a

9)    d

10)  d

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